Why You Can’t Check in at 10 a.m. and Other Requests

Cast heads to Emerald City

Think of the B&B inn as the Emerald City. Our inn even has a green roof!

Attempting to check in to a B&B in the morning, or lunch time in order to “get your money’s worth” is not a good plan.
Hint:  Check out for the previous night is usually 11 a.m.
Hint #2:  Rooms must be cleaned and public spaces maintained, generally between 11 a.m. and check in time (usually 3 or 4 pm). That’s a mere 4-5 hours.  It’s a scientific fact two objects can’t occupy the same space at the same time.

Innkeepers Hate to Say “No.”

We hate to say ‘no’ to early check in requests. However,  when it comes to letting guests check into rooms many hours early, or staying many hours later (before and after the standard times which are 3 pm and 11 a.m. at my inn), we may have to decline.  It’s not that we don’t want guests to make full use the facility. And it’s not that we want to “take as much and give as little” as we can. Read More→

How the Best Fans Had the Most Fun

Last Saturday, Amy and Rob got married in Seattle. By Tuesday they were on a cross-country flight to Charlotte and Bristol, TN and a honeymoon at Prospect Hill B&NASCAR checkered flagB Inn.

Amy and Rob are NASCAR fans. In fact, they adore “their man” Dale Earnhardt Jr.  By the time they arrived at Prospect Hill B&B Inn in Mountain City, TN, they had visited the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte and stayed late visiting the home locations of several racing teams. They even blew off a free night in a relative’s mountain cabin so they could stay in a motel closer to the NASCAR sites.

By Thursday they were arrived at my inn where their family bought them a honeymoon stay in our Mountain Sunrise/ Romance Room  while they attended the March Bristol Motor Speedway Food City 500.

Every day they were out the door first (7 a.m.) Read More→

Aspiring: So You Want to be an Innkeeper

Innkeeping is an interesting lifestyle, like almost nothing else you can experience on the job.

Bits remain on wallpaper removal project

Wallpaper removal – Room 3 bath

Just today I was commenting that no matter how much “the business” changes (advent of internet, wireless, steam showers and memory foam beds) the more it stays the same.  Hospitality is still hospitality after all. And the essentials are still (1) the property (2) the hosts (3) the guests (4) the stay.

If you think you’d like to be on the other side of the orange juice pitcher, read on. Read More→

Red Chair Changes Innkeeper’s Viewpoint

Red Chair Travels visits Prospect Hill - russet, dried hydrangeasThe Red Chair was “found” in New England and is spending 2013 being handed from innkeeper to innkeeper down the East Coast Read More→

What Brides Don’t Know

I was talking to a friend who has organized and “put on” about as many smaller weddings as I have. The topic was “Brides Don’t Know What They Don’t Know.”wedding ceremonies
So, what do wedding  planners know that brides do not? Let me mention just a few my friend and I put at the top of our list:

Time management Part I

The fact is, a large party couple with a large and important event (a wedding ceremony) requires more structure and understanding of how things work and how people behave than most brides–and most people–understand. We were horrified to hear of a wedding where the bride said “show up when you can get here. We’ll start when all are here.”  They waited unnecessarily for the catering to arrive and layout the food because they were also unable to tell the caterer exactly when to serve dinner. This one was NOT a potluck in a tent in the woods; it was at a fine, upscale property where things should have run elegantly and seamlessly so everyone  was relaxed and enjoying themselves, not wondering when/if dinner would arrive.  The bride may have felt that no time was “relaxing” when, in fact, no schedule is VERY stressful.

Time management Part II

I can do all these things, I can make all these DIY projects. I can do most of it the Friday before the wedding OR I can count on my friends and family to help get it all done.  Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. The week of the wedding is no time to… Read More→