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Settling in at the Inn

I’ve always told my children, “Life is an Adventure!”  To start a new adventure or career can be exciting and scary at the same time.  Even though you know your making the right move, it’s that stepping-off-the-ledge kind of feeling.   I think most of us have been through it several times in our lives.

Moving to Mountain City, TN from Canon City, CO,  has been such a blessing.   From the beginning of this crazy concept to leave the world of mining behind to become an Innkeeper, I received much encouragement, moral support and the occasional gentle nudge when needed, from my children, siblings, friends and even co-workers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Since arriving I have received the warmest of welcomes from the good people of Mountain City and sometimes a lesson in the “proper pronunciation” of words.  I think it’s a geographical thing.   It’s been fun to explore my new surrounding, from the uniqueness of this large house with all it’s nooks and crannies, the history of the families that have lived here to the town with it’s restaurants, shops, attractions,  mountains, and nearby Watauga Lake and spreading out further to N. Carolina and Virginia with all their wonderful towns, scenery and attractions.  Seems there’s always something new to see and do.

My side-kick at the Inn, is my dog Tomas, he adjusted rather quickly into his role of official “Inn-dog”, always greeting guest at the door and sometimes he seems to want to be the one to show them around.   Although he’s considered a “large” dog, don’t let his size worry you, he’s very friendly and loves people.     I’ve had several guest want to take him home and one couple offered to trade me their teenagers for him… No, not a good trade!

We stay pretty busy, Tomas chases the squirrels and takes lots of naps while I chase after everything that needs attended to and wish I could take a nap.

Here’s to life’s new adventures!




Overnight French Toast Recipe | McCormick

Sweet and fruity, Overnight French Toast makes a delicious addition to your brunch or breakfast table.  We usually do the alternate version–with apples.

Source: Overnight French Toast Recipe | McCormick

Sunny days at the lake


Wedding Trends: Greenery, Feathery, Small Cakes and Bright Lights


Says  From table runners to decorative wreaths, garlands, and more, we’re seeing greenery emerge from the sidelines and into the spotlight. It’s versatile, and provides an Old World look that’s so chic right now. In this same vein, we’re betting on animal topiaries becoming a hot decor item in the New Year.

Prospect Hill version: Use boxwood and yew to fill in your bouquets and bring greenery to your party decor. Available locally. Shady Grove Gardens has other forms of greenery available (from miniature to branch sizes) to give you that “Old World romance” look.

Astilbe (feathery plant)

From WeddingWire.Com:  We’ve already started to see this feather-like flower everywhere this year, and expect to see even more of it in 2015. We’ve seen it solo or as an accent in bouquets, and love the variety of hues – deep red, light purple, pink, and white.  Also available from local grower Shady Grove Gardens–very feathery and romantic.'Love'in Lights

Marquee Lights

What a bright idea! Whether they’re spelling out words like “Love” or the couple’s names, these vintage-style marquee lights are popping up all over reception décor.

Prospect Hill version: we’ll make a very large board with the word “love” spelled out in bright lights and a background of black (or other color) chalkboard paint so your friends can write well wishes. $100 (4×8-feet) and you can take it home. $90 for a 4×4-foot size.

One Bite Desserts

Miniature Wedding Cakes, Sweets

Here’s the trend:  Instead of or in addition to featuring a multi-tiered wedding cake, couples are also serving several smaller cakes to offer a wide variety of flavors. We’ve even seen a cake displayed on each reception table for an extra-sweet touch.

Innkeeper Judy can make most flavors in an 8-inch cake. Buy as many as you like. $35/cake (serves 10-12 each)
Frugal Gourmet Catering makes numerous bite-size dessert treats. They arrive in cake papers and require no cutting. Order one smaller cake just for cutting and another for freezing for “next year.”

Breakfast at the Inn

Are you ready to start your great day in the mountains? How about breakfast? It’s included with your stay.

We serve a full breakfast which begins with fresh fruit, juice and coffee/tea followed by hearty main course, such as Elegant Scrambled Eggs, Stuffed French Toast, Brown Sugar Oatmeal Pancakes, Baked Scrambled Eggs or Herbed Eggs with a side ofbacon or sausage. Lately Robert has been making some tasty “quick breads” such as Pumpkin Bread and Almond Poppy Seed Bread. (We all know they are really Cake for Breakfast!)

Fruit course at breakfast at Prospect Hill

Fruit course

There are a lot of people out there who want to be chefs.
We don’t. We focus on a breakfast which is nice to look at and even better to eat. Judy enjoys making your meal look wonderful. Guests often linger, sharing a last cup of coffee. The entrée is different daily, alternating between an egg and a sweet dish.

Fried eggs, grits and gravy are not on our regular menu (our mothers were from southern Connecticut and southern Pennsylvania, NOT the Deep South). Our moms generally just fried an egg. Seems pretty ordinary to us!! We want to prepare something a bit more special–a dish you don’t eat at home regularly (but not odd, either).

Questions, concerns, special diets, health issues or allergies? Talk to us. (See above; we are not chefs and the show “Chopped” with last minute ingredients included or omitted is NOT our idea of a good time.) If you have special dietary needs, please let us know when you make your reservation so your meal is equal to every other from our kitchen, prepared with equal thought and love.

We serve our breakfast meat on the side and have a vegetarian breakfast “meat” selection available. If you are dieting we can provide smaller portions or substitutes such as cereal or oatmeal. Dishes for diabetics, gluten-free, no lactose all aren’t a problem.  Our goal is to provide a great dish which is as similar to the one others are eating as we can get it.  Of course, with Paleo diets this is not possible; in that case it is the most lovely dish!
Breakfast time is generally 8:30-10 a.m. or by arrangement with the innkeeper. Self-serve continental breakfasts are available for those needing an early start to their day. (This is popular with our business guests.) Breakfast in the room is at added cost. Please ask the innkeeper. We can also provide a “table for two” if you really don’t like talking to others are breakfast.

B&B guests enjoy breakfast around Craftsman style table at Prospect Hill

Family joins a wedding couple around the inn’s breakfast table


Stuffed French toast with Bacon at Prospect Hill B&B

Stuffed French Toast

Country Cookbook cover

Our Chocolate Muffin recipe was included

Cranberry Stuffed French Toast  served at Prospect Hill

Cranberry Stuffed French Toast

LINK to Cookbook where we are featured. Inn gives out recipe cards; we don’t (yet) have a cookbook to sell.