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If You See a “Browser Out of Date” Error Message


Here's a picture of the "malware or worm" - Know the enemy.

Here’s a picture of the “malware or worm” – Know the enemy.

We think you are locked out of our reservation system because your browser has been deemed “too old” by the Powers of the Internet.    When this happens they feel you are risking the security of our online reservations system.  IF allowed “inside” you might bring malware with you. The solution is for you to update your browser to a newer, more secure version. The error message which pops up when you TRY to get into our system will tell you where to go to safely obtain a newer browser software.  LINK

If you are not able to switch to a newer  browser,  or don’t have the time or expertise right now, (or your boss won’t let you play IT Guru of the Day),  please phone  us here at Prospect Hill B&B Inn at 423-727-0139  to place your reservation.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Your Innkeepers, Judy & Robert

We also have an alternative reservation service which is not updated quite as often but will do in a pinch, especially in the middle of the night.

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