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Share the dream; find your corner of the mountains at Prospect Hill

  • First sunrise in Tennessee - from front porch (June)

  • Rose Romance Room 2, hall

  • Dining room, living room (Christmas tour time)

  • Front porch, July 4th

  • Wedding reception with designer decor

  • Fog in spring

  • Summer kitchen (L), party room (C), historic milling building (R)

  • Side entrance

  • Sunset (from parking lot)

  • Hideaway Room 4 - whirlpool with rain shower

  • Summer

  • Fall wedding set up

  • Fall weddings are popular

  • Locally-grown flowers by Shady Grove Gardens, Vilas NC

  • Spring with forsythia, cherry trees

  • Front lawn (July)

  • Patio

  • Room 2 luxury bath

  • Spring

  • Hideaway Room 4 (mid-priced)

  • Entry to garden set for fall wedding (by designer)

  • A Cottage in the Woods (fall). 8+ kinds of hardwoods in color!

  • Burning bush in fall, at inn.

  • 'Retro' downtown Mountain City (Scarecrows on Main in Oct.)

  • View from dining room toward church

  • Cottage is to left of notch in trees along right hand ridgeline

  • Various hardwoods in fall color at the cottage on 30 acres

  • July in the garden

  • "Tool shed" and wedding garden

  • View from highway, lett side

  • Watauga Lake at sunset

  • 'Neighborhood' - standing on back property line, looking southeast

  • Mountain Sunrise Room 1 (first floor)

  • Rural backroads (near our Cottage in the Woods)

  • View from upstairs front hall toward NC/VA view, town

  • Bridal breakfast/party food

  • Wedding garden/joyful just-married couple

  • Watauga Lake: great for boating, fishing (area streams are full of fish, too)

  • Historic stained glass (recently reglazed)

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This is a special page for people interested in the PROPERTY at Prospect Hill  ~ Reach Inn’s website via navigation above.

Facts and Figures:

  • About 7500 sq. ft. – historic manor house designed in the Victorian shingle style by a Chattanooga Architect; built in 1889-90 for a Civil War veteran and his wife.
  • 3 floors – 5 spacious guest rooms, each with private baths
  • Fully furnished (“turnkey business”)
  • Seasonal occupancy–May-Dec. is 30%, annual slightly lower
  • Innkeeper’s “retreat” currently on the third floor with about 1,000 sq.ft. Bedroom, bath, large walk in closet, study, massive storage area (OR use as a den and second bath with space to spare)  New construction here–very quiet with mountain views and 14-foot ceilings.
  • Banquet room, office and adjacent luggage foyer/sun room, catering kitchen, two public 1/2 baths, gift shop, storage–all under 10 years old–in an historic style with walnut trim harvested on the property.
  • 5 out buildings – historic ( includes summer kitchen with utilities at ready for renovation as another guest room /handicap accessible, in an historic setting)
  • 1 new-construction shed with electricity – can have 220v power as needed or an electric car charging station. Ready for your hobby.
  • On 3 acres “intown” (all public utilities) but with few neighbors. Easy access road. 2550 ft. elevation (weather not severe)
  • Cottage in the Woods (remote site; optional purchase).

10 Things About Prospect Hill

  • Location:   Mountain City (pop. 2504) , Johnson County, (pop. 20,000) TN. On the edge of the highest incorporated town in the state, the town–and the inn have beautiful mountain views in every direction.   The property is “intown” but with 3 acres and few neighbors close by so it feels far more rural than town-like.  Town itself has a small town, genuine feel–not one of a place overcome by catering to tourists.
  • Outdoor activities abound:

    Forge Mountain view with town at foot of mountain, hillside view

    This is our side yard with a view to “town” in summer. Awesomeness starts at our “side door.”

    Appalachian Trail (AT) The Appalachian Trail runs over 2100 miles from Georgia to Maine. Thirty miles of this trail is in Johnson County. Watauga Lake is a pristine body of water held back by the tallest earthen dam east of the Mississippi. It is beautiful every day of the year. Great fishing, too. Local streams, the Virginia Creeper Trail (rails to trails), Iron Mountain Trail and Doe Mountain (up hill from the inn), all provide outdoor recreational activities.

  • Careful, serious renovations and updating   We have always believed that first and foremost the “utilities” need to work and the guest rooms need to be comfortable. To that end, we have created a very comfortable and functional inn with lovely rooms which seem to delight the guests. For example, the roof will last another 90 years (metal shingles).
  • Turnkey, thriving business   The recession impacted our market share, as it did almost every inn. The economy is in recovery, tourists are in a happier mood and our market share is strongly moving forward. We have not maxed out the potential for this property. We hesitate to push it strongly in one direction (such as destination weddings) because that might not be the direction you want to go. Lately, we have devoted a lot of our time to making sure the renovations are complete so you will be free to market to your selected niche with time to enjoy the fruits of that marketing effort.
  • More than one possibility for your niche market    The 29×49-foot clear space of party room, with 2 half baths, one kitchen, which qualifies for a catering license, one large closet, an office and an entry foyer plus the historic cold room (turned gift shop) have been used for about 150 weddings, for school system meetings and corporate and professional retreats. Other uses for the room might be art classes, cooking classes, special dinners, couples retreats and counseling, gaming, lectures, yoga, religious services or a chapel/church. You could, instead, turn it into a massive ground floor master bedroom, den and private retreat (all it needs is a bathtub). The majority of the income from this inn comes from rental of its five guest rooms as “bed & breakfast.”
  • Our goal | Your goal:     We assume your goal is to be innkeepers, host delightful guests, decorate and maintain a grand home and offer the best food and hospitality. OUR GOAL was to save an historic house which, without our help, probably would have been torn down or abandoned by this time. Aside from the leaking roof, little heating, no kitchen and sorry bathrooms, the house wasn’t in horrible shape when we bought it but it lacked amenities to be a B&B–in fact, it lacked EVERY amenity required for guest and innkeeper comfort.
    We have taken care of those matters. We added 6 full baths, 2 half-baths, two kitchens, 3 heat pumps, one forced air furnace, one 100-year roof, new wiring, plumbing, sewer and water line, more parking, a new utility building and even an 11-foot wall to tame a hill and hold up the Wedding Garden which was also landscaped. The party room, half baths, second kitchen, office and back door entry and shed are all new construction.
    Special insulation in the walls and ceiling keep each room private and soundproof from others. Guest needs always come first.
    The building is now in a place where the owners can concentrate on guest needs and marketing and NOT on renovation.
  • Innkeeper’s retreat:   The 1,000+ sq.ft. third-floor offered great potential as innkeeper’s quarters−ceilings 14-16 feet, mountain views, privacy.   We are in the last stages of turning 2/3 of it into the innkeeper’s bedroom, study, walk in closet and master bedroom. Additional space remains for a den, second bedroom or private office and another full bath with closets. Or keep it for storage. A new staircase leads to this area, which is primarily new construction.
    Another useful spot (space for expansion or retreat)    The historic summer kitchen building, adjacent to the Wedding Garden, is wired and plumbed to its perimeter if you wish to renovate and expand with a handicap access guest room #6 or wish to turn this building into your own space.
  • Food, the next frontier     Above, you learned that we are–first and foremost–renovators. We have developed a solid breakfast menu of tried and true recipes which are almost foolproof, while also being tasty and interesting. We are not chefs.
    Prospect Hill is now ready for its first “chef in residence” (or someone who truly loves cooking). Imagine what you can do with two kitchens, a convection oven and guests eager to travel to the inn to enjoy your creations.
  • Price point and location     We chose to come to Mountain City to establish Prospect Hill because we could have the premiere property in a small town. We had no interest in a highly competitive, tourist-oriented location, where every day is a battle to lure guests away from other properties. In those cities, occupancy can be higher, but so is stress and competition.
    Here in Mountain City, we are able to offer a quality, spacious country mansion with an interesting history, a location convenient to many, many activities in three states. The inn’s hospitality stands on its own.
    We know guests visit because this is a beautiful inn in a beautiful, rural county with a small town nearby. They come to enjoy the tranquility and the special place which has become Prospect Hill B&B Inn. We are looking for the people who are interested in defining the building’s next chapter while adding their own personal touch. Our question: Are you ready?
  • Videos on You Tube From our Guests and Others:

    Fact corrections for these videos (none done by the property owners):    1889 mansion.  

    • Slide show of back parking lot & garden LINK
    • Foyer, living, dining room (some furniture, set ups, rugs, curtains have changed since 2010)  LINK
    • Lots has changed in the upstairs front and back hall; front lawn classically unchanged, plus upstairs porch   2010  LINKTrim now white, bookcases white, back staircase now oak-clad, some beds in rooms switched around.
    • Snow, town Christmas lights–a trip by someone from Hwy. 91 intersection on Hwy. 421 south to College St., past PO, to grocery store. Snow rarely stays on the ground like this for very long!  LINK
    • Car trip from Hwy. 421 part way into town, west then right at S. Church/Welcome Center to downtown, then through historic house area (NOT where inn is located).  Probably Oct. 2012  LINK
    • Ride the Striped Snake  Hwy. 421  north out of Mountain City. The first half is on this darn  GOOD video!  LINK
    • Copperhead Road is about 15 min. from the inn, in Johnson County, TN. Here’s the video and the original song. LINK

Love Affairs with Old Houses

We are in love with old houses and hope you are, too.  They are unique and original. Sometimes time-worn and still standing proud.  They have a back story, a public history and secrets.   They are a blessing and a curse.  And they provide as great a joy as any great love.

Our skill has always been putting modern utilities in old buildings and reviving tired finishes. At last, The Wagner-Rambo House sings and has a great future ahead!! (It was nearly torn down 20 years ago!)

As the Wagner House has now reached 125, (11-22-2014)  the chorus of John Legend’s song, “All of Me,” seems especially appropriate:

‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning
‘Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you, ohoh

We owners have not fallen out of love. Like you, we want to find a new love and pursue it.   Our business consultant is  Heide Bredfeldt, 877 -957–2360  LINK

Mountains, rustic buildings, gardens

View of back garden, morning in Fall