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March 31, 2013 - “Little” flower arrangements go a long way on party tables

Small jars can be filled with large flowers — such as these lilies –for a very large impact on a party or reception table.

Little flower arrangements are something I’ve been using something like this for awhile when setting up wedding-related events at Prospect Hill Bed and Breakfast Inn in Mountain City, TN.

We own floater bowls which allow us to turn 4-7 blooms and a few leaves into a high-impact table arrangement. Or, as you see here, a narrow “ribbon” of frayed burlap and a piece of raffia quickly transform something as simple as a Starbucks’ frappuccino bottle into a rustic vase.  For a bit dressier setup, use color-coordinated ribbon or narrow pieces of colored fabric or bridal satin plus a contrasting ribbon. I can see using the scrap fabric from shortening your wedding gown or those of the bridesmaids. That will make for a perfect color match, especially if you don’t have zillions of them to make.

Your best and quickest way to make sure your creations stay together during transport and set up is to use a dab of hot glue on the outside of the vase to affix the burlap or initially secure the ribbon. It’s important to get this sort of set up done well in advance and in a way “almost anyone” can set them up without much fuss or training.

We had one situation prior to a wedding where the bride's  grandmother—who was doing the flower—ended up in the hospital instead of in her garden plucking flowers and filling vases. Plan ahead. These vases are pretty and very easy to duplicate, just in case someone has to step in and help.

With the ribbon secure they can also be easily transported.  Susan Wright at Shady Grove Gardens & Nursery reminded me to tell everyone to “please fill the vases up to nearly the rim. Many flowers drink a lot and you don’t want them to run dry and then wilt before your special day ends.”

This idea comes from and blogger JoAnna from Canada.