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Apr 4, 2013 - Bottle trees cure for “last day of winter”

Blue things in the landscape are rare. Blue wine bottles are fairly rare. Blue glass, blue wine bottles—in the shape of a bush or small tree—also rare. Still, I want one. Today is a gray, dreary day with rain, sleet and now SNOW!!! (at 3:45 pm). Clearly, we need something to cheer us up here in Mountain City while Prospect Hill B&B Inn awaits new guests.
While online I’ve been looking at a big page about BOTTLE TREES posted by my gardening friend Felder Rushing.    He has a book out on all manner of bottle trees and glass yard art.  It occurred to me the other day, when  I tripped over my blue bottle collection, that the time is ripe for a bottle tree!  I have about a dozen blue wine bottles in hand (various shades and wish I had more aqua ones).  So, yes, it is time for ME to start one, too. I’m going to post choice photos from his site and the link. His books are fun and wonderful–just like Felder himself. Enjoy the images and the book!