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April 7, 2014 - How the Best Fans Had the Most Fun

Last Saturday, Amy and Rob got married in Seattle. By Tuesday they were on a cross-country flight to Charlotte and Bristol, TN and a honeymoon at Prospect Hill B&B Inn.

Amy and Rob are NASCAR fans. In fact, they adore “their man” Dale Earnhardt Jr.  By the time they arrived at Prospect Hill B&B Inn in Mountain City, TN, they had visited the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte and stayed late visiting the home locations of several racing teams. They even blew off a free night in a relative’s mountain cabin so they could stay in a motel closer to the NASCAR sites.

By Thursday they arrived at my inn where their family bought them a honeymoon stay in our Mountain Sunrise/ Romance Room while they attended the March Bristol Motor Speedway Food City 500.

Every day they were out the door first (7 a.m.) They came home last (nearly midnight). They spend every minute they could at the track – in the moment enjoying the vendors, the fans’ night, getting driver autographs, seeing the entertainment, using pit passes and scanners (to HEAR what is going on).

And finally, the race– a grueling 9 hours with rain delays and temperatures which dropped to the low 40s.  It was as brutal for the fans as any March race ever. However, beer. autographed jackets kept them warm.

A lot of folks went home to watch the outcome on the TV. They didn’t. They hung in. Their guy didn’t win or place (24th) but every minute was awesome for them.

Amy and Rob embraced their moments and had the “best time ever.”  They were the ones who filled their honeymoon with life-long memories. Each of them good.  Aside from the photos (showing lots of wet jackets) they won’t even remember they experienced what one not-into-it person called “something I survived!”

This couple reminds me that, as an innkeeper, I can only set the stage for guests’ fantastic vacations and getaways. It takes the guest having a positive mindset and a clear intention to “get out there and enjoy it” which makes the difference between a miserable and a great time.

I checked Facebook and found this very appropriate posting by the NASCAR Technical Institute:

A bad attitude about life is like a flat tire.   If you don’t change it, you’ll never go anywhere.

So, bring a positive attitude and check out our remaining guest room or cottage (sleeps 6-7) in preparation for the August Bristol Race.