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April 9, 2014 - How to Get the Most Out of Your B&B Stay

Much of the charm–and the allure–of a stay at a bed and breakfast has to do with the “things” hotels and motels don’t have.  Rockers. Porch swings. Views. Special treats.  Interaction with hosts and guests.  It saddens me when couples miss out, simply because they arrive late or sleep through breakfast or are not comfortable letting the innkeepers “tell them things.

A couple this week arrived about 10 pm after a long, active day. They were tired and the day was almost over so they received the abbreviated “tour” so they could enjoy the rest of their evening.  We were sure we could fill them in at breakfast.

Alas, in the morning–when we innkeepers are most likely to give them an updated or enhanced tour of our facilities or what is available locally (such as hiking, biking, shopping or even our stunning patio, fountain and mountain-view garden)–the couple didn’t emerge until noon. They left immediately for lunch. So, once again, they didn’t get “the tour.”

Our in-room booklet attempts to tell them 99% of what they might should know. But, nothing beats SEEING it. (At least I think so.)

I’m sure for many couples (and judging from the in-room journal entries) a great time is had by all. But, us innkeepers are left wondering IF we could have done more and IF the couple could have gotten more out of their stay if only they had spent a few minutes speaking to us.  Sometimes folks are so quiet we don’t know UNTIL we read the in-room journal or the review online that they did have a great time.

Anyway, if you are visiting a B&B and  would like to avail yourself of all the facilities and nuances of the property, try to find a few minutes to allow the innkeepers to fill you in. It will be time well spent.