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May 1, 2016 - Settling in at the Inn

I’ve always told my children, “Life is an Adventure!”  To start a new adventure or career can be exciting and scary at the same time.  Even though you know you're making the right move, it’s that stepping-off-the-ledge kind of feeling.   I think most of us have been through it several times in our lives.

Moving to Mountain City, TN from Canon City, CO,  has been such a blessing.   From the beginning of this crazy concept to leave the world of mining behind to become an Innkeeper, I received much encouragement, moral support, and the occasional gentle nudge when needed, from my children, siblings, friends and even co-workers.

Since arriving I have received the warmest of welcomes from the good people of Mountain City and sometimes a lesson in the “proper pronunciation” of words.  I think it’s a geographical thing.   It’s been fun to explore my new surrounding, from the uniqueness of this large house with all it’s nooks and crannies, the history of the families that have lived here to the town with it’s restaurants, shops, attractions,  mountains, and nearby Watauga Lake and spreading out further to N. Carolina and Virginia with all their wonderful towns, scenery and attractions.  Seems there’s always something new to see and do.

My side-kick at the Inn, is my dog Tomas, he adjusted rather quickly into his role of official “Inn-dog”, always greeting guest at the door and sometimes he seems to want to be the one to show them around. Although he’s considered a “large” dog, don’t let his size worry you, he’s very friendly and loves people. I’ve had several guest want to take him home and one couple offered to trade me their teenagers for him… No, not a good trade!

We stay pretty busy, Tomas chases the squirrels and takes lots of naps while I chase after everything that needs attended to and wish I could take a nap.

Here’s to life’s new adventures!

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